Iteca Caspian - Foreign direct investments in Azerbaijan grew by 44.8% year on year

Foreign direct investments in Azerbaijan grew by 44.8% year on year


Baku, Fineko/ In June 2015 foreign direct investments in the economy of Azerbaijan increased by 2.5% versus May 2015 and for Jan-Jun of 2015 FDI increased by 44.8% year-on-year.

The State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that over Jan-Jun foreign investments made up AZN 3.217 bn that was by 44.8% more against the 2014 same term (AZN 2.233 bn). In January they totaled AZN 423.318 million, in February - AZN 387.7 million, in March - AZN 881.9 million, in April - AZN 1.05 bn, in May - AZN 578.2 million and in June – AZN 592.5 million.

Last year in December FDI achieved the last year’s peak and were estimated at the level of AZN 479.8 million.

By the end of June 2015 the list of the foreign investment leaders in the national economy did not change in general.

The United Kingdom with investments for AZN 1.030 bn ensured 32% of their volume, Turkey invested AZN 456.571 million (14.2%), Norway - AZN 387.149 million (12%), Iran and Russia share the fourth-fifth positions with investments of AZN 221.922 million each (6.9% each).

Sweden with investments of AZN 188.085 million (5.8%) holds the sixth position. It is followed by the U.S. with AZN 179.681 million (5.6%), Japan AZN 163.227 million (5.1%), Czech Republic with AZN 83.504 million (2.6%), Malaysia with AZN 65.325 million (2%).